VL70-m Dumper [Install TurboVL] [VL70-mini]



This tool (PC) for Yamaha VL70-m transmits voices (up and down) via SysEx.
The voices are writable on PC drives.

How to use this software ?
1 - Select your chip in menu Prom Type (it updates the voice names).
2 - Select the Midi ports on which your VL is connected to in menu Midi In and Midi Out
3 - Select the device number (DevNo) of your VL. (By default, the VL receives on all channels (all); this parameter is the first (left) one on the VL front panel).

How to command the VL ?
All you have to do is to click on the buttons of the Remote panel ! (you can use keyboard shortcuts too)

How to send/receive voices ?
- To load a voice, click on Open file and select a SysEx file; Only 174, 1502 et 1808 bytes files work with this software. (Internal, Custom, and Current voices). The Destination menu will be enabled/disabled, depending of the type of the voice you load. Select the voice number you want to send to and click on Send.
- To dump (get) a voice, click on Get active voice. A remote panel appears. You can use it or directly push the VL's buttons. Attention: you only can get voices one by one. If you dump a current voice, you'll be able later to load it as current, custom, or internal. If you dump a custom voice, you'll only be able to load it to the custom bank; same thing for an internal voice.
Your'd better have to dump current voices.

How to test voices ?
Click on the keyboard and the notes will be played on your VL.

How does it work ?
Well, i hope ! :-) If not, please let me kown.
- The import window closes itself as soon as a voice is completed.
- Each time you send a voice to custom or internal bank, the corresponding voice list is updated.
These lists are stored in files named custom.txt and internal.txt if your VL's DevNo is equal to 1 (or all), 2custom.txt or 2internal.txt if it equals to 2, etc...
These files are simple text files. You can modify them with notepad. They have to content 6 and 64 voices to work with this software.

What's the licence ?
This software is freeware. You're not allowed to sell it.


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