[VL70-m Dumper] Turbo-VL [VL70-mini]

Installation of Turbo-VL EPROM from Patchman Music

You will receive full detailed instructions from Patchman Music with your Eprom. Maybe these pictures could be usefull for people not familiar with english speaking.

Retrait des vis

Unplug all the cords that are connected to the VL70-m
Remove the 7 screws indicated above. (don't mix them, they are from different types).
Touch something metal to be sure you have discard any static electricity might you have in your body (it could damage the chip).

Support Eprom

The Yamaha chip that you will remove has "1996 YAMAHA" written on it.
Notice the small notch in on end of the chip.
Use a chip remover or a small screwdriver, that can pass between the bottom of the chip and above the socket.

Retrait de l 'Eprom

Process very gently, if you bend a single pin, you can say goodbye to your chip !

Mise en place du Turbo-VL

Place the Turbo chip (notice the notch) in the socket carefully.
Push fermely but not too hard or you will damage the mother-board.

Put the bottom cover back on and screw it. Turn the VL on.
Reinit your VL in "UTIL" menu (FactSet + SysInit).
Select "BC/WX" in "BREATH" menu.


[VL70-m Dumper] Turbo-VL [VL70-mini]