Yamaha WX11

The WX11 is a MIDI wind-controler made by Yamaha some years ago. It has 14 keys (Boehm).
As a sax player, i was a little bit disturbed by the lack of high keys. I decided to add 2 keys.

If you own a WX11, don't do that !, at least for 2 reasons:
1- You can damage your WX11. (You would be the only one responsable)
2- The musician has to adapt himself to his instrument, not the opposite !


Branchement WX11
The idea is to connect new keys to existing keys (sorry, i don't have the references of the switches anymore)
The numbers show where to connect the pins of the switches.

The pins have to be flatten; the internal partitions of the WX11 are cut for the installation of the switches.

WX11 - Vue interne
Cables are maintened by little plastic pieces (CD cover).

WX11 - Vue interne
The keys are made with plastic strips (CD cover too) and rubber pads for chair.

Pay attention to the length of wires: if they are too long, you won't be able to close the WX11 body.

WX11 - Vue de dessus
Here's the result. Not so bad with such materials ?